My Latest Book: The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat

Welcome to The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat: Book One – 10 exciting adventures with Sam and his many friends in and around the waters of the idyllic coastal community of Beach Harbor!

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This is my first book in the Sam the Tugboat series and introduces us to Sam’s little world in the idyllic coastal community of Beach Harbor!  I’ve written 10 individual short stories for this book involving Sam the Tugboat, Fred the Marina Manager, Henry the Harbormaster and all Sam’s many friends and the first responders in and around Beach Harbor, where Sam and Fred work to keep everyone safe and sound – especially little children!

Sam’s a dutiful little tugboat who escorts large container ships in and out of the Port of Beach Harbor as his regular job, but in addition, he and Fred work together as a team with the first responders to keep everyone safe and sound in and around the water – despite some very difficult and even dangerous situations occurring!  The print is slightly larger in the paperback version to make it easier for children to read.

About this Book:

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to my best buddy and longtime friend, Sam the Tugboat and the beautiful, sunny, pleasant and idyllic coastal community of Beach Harbor!  Please allow me the opportunity to paint a portrait of childlike wonder, sweetness and light as I pull back the curtain to take you, my special guests, on a short tour of Sam’s world especially for you.

Sam’s world is a world of smiles, laughter, sunshine and happy endings – despite the fact that many of his adventures are very serious and quite dangerous in fact!  Somehow, Sam and those who help him, always find a way to save the day to keep everyone safe and sound – especially little children!

About the Author:

My wife always wanted me to write down my Sam the Tugboat stories, but they arrived spontaneously in the moment and afterwards retreated back into my imagination as quickly as they sprang to life during their telling, because Sam the Tugboat stories were meant to entertain our little boy in that singular moment in time.

So now, almost a quarter century later, I’m once again telling original Sam the Tugboat stories for one reason and one reason only – because somewhere out there in the world another child is pleading for just one more story before the lights are turned off at bedtime.  Now they, too, will have the opportunity to participate in the legacy of The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat – just as our son did all those years ago!  Cheers!  Mark

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