3 Book Series – The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat

Welcome to the world of Sam the Tugboat and his many adventures in and around the idyllic waters of the coastal community of Beach Harbor!  Sam is much more than a little tugboat guiding container ships into and out of the Port of Beach Harbor – he also takes it upon himself to keep everyone safe and sound in the waters of Beach Harbor.  He and Fred the Marina Manager, look out for everyone on the water – children, families and all their many marine, animal and feathered friends in, under and over the ocean!  Sam’s many animal friends also help him in his rescues, along with the First Responders of the community of Beach Harbor.  Together they help ensure everyone stays safe in the water – especially little children!

The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat: Book One – 10 exciting adventures with Sam and his many friends in and around the waters of the idyllic coastal community of Beach Harbor

The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat: Book Two – Sam the Tugboat and the Island Kingdom of Beauty, Dreams and Imagination

The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat: Book Three – Sam the Tugboat and the Legend of Shipwreck Island

Each book is available in both Kindle and Paperback versions, with the Kindle versions free to read with Kindle Unlimited.  Here’s the link to my Amazon Author Page – Mark D. Jones:




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