My Latest Book: The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat – Book Three

I’ve published the third book in my Sam the Tugboat series called: The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat: Book Three – Sam the Tugboat and the Legend of Shipwreck Island

This is a full-length book of 103 pages in the paperback version and available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Link (view this email online to see the post and link):

Paperback Link:

About This Book:

“Captain Grayghost eventually faded from the scene after decades of plundering ships on the high seas between the years of 1675 and 1721, seemingly retiring after years of pirating to spend his golden years treasuring his hoard of gold, silver and precious gems in a secret hideout that was never discovered.  In fact, neither his treasure, nor his pirate ship – the Pieces of Eight – his pirates or Captain Grayghost himself were ever found…which causes people to think that Captain Grayghost and his crew of pirates were all ghosts on a ghost ship, pillaging treasure at will on the high seas…”

About the Author – Mark D. Jones:

“I wanted to write Sam the Tugboat and the Legend of Shipwreck Island ever since first writing Sam the Tugboat and the Lighthouse Keeper, one of ten short stories included in Sam’s first book, The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat.  Once again, Sam finds himself involved in the legend of Captain Grayghost and his ship the Pieces of Eight in the most unexpected of ways.  Perhaps the reason why Sam gets into these situations is because he loves children and understands their inquisitiveness and desire for adventure.  Regardless of how he finds himself drawn into his many adventures, Sam uses all the know-how and ingenuity he can muster to find a way to resolve them safely.  After all, no one loves a happy ending more than Sam does – ‘Toot!, Toot!, Toot!’  Cheers!  Mark”

Amazon Author Page – Mark D. Jones:



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