My Latest Book: The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat – Book Two

I’ve published the second book in my The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat series called: The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat: Book Two – Sam the Tugboat and the Island Kingdom of Beauty, Dreams and Imagination

This is a full-length book at 144 pages in the paperback version and available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Link (view this email online to see the post and link):

Paperback Link:

About This Book:

Jennifer was amazed as she gazed at the most marvelous sight she had ever seen!  Before her in the distance was a wonder to behold – an island of beauty and splendor beyond her wildest dreams!  Rising out of the turquoise blue sea was a majestic tropical island with pristine beaches of sugar-white sand.  The terrain rose steeply into alpine peaks that pierced through a thin layer of wispy clouds.

Rising above the clouds and set against a powder blue sky, stood the most beautiful and fabulous turreted castle glistening in the sunshine!  A colorful and festive array of flags, pennants and streamers flew above the castle’s silver-white stones and pointed slate-shingled turrets.  Jennifer was speechless and spellbound at the sight!”

About the Author – Mark D. Jones:

“‘Sam the Tugboat and the Island Kingdom of Beauty, Dreams and Imagination’ is Sam’s first book devoted entirely to a single adventure.  This story is the follow-on telling of Sam’s earlier short story adventure in Book One called ‘Sam the Tugboat and the Unexpected Discovery.’  While the original short story introduced the Island Kingdom to us, this book completes the tale and takes us on a fabulous journey where everything is fresh, new and larger than life.

Sam takes part in a journey where he is no longer escorting cargo ships, but instead, he escorts young Jennifer to the Island Kingdom where she learns many important lessons which will change her life forever!  We now get an inside view and perspective of how challenging Sam’s adventures can really be, and the amount of effort and determination on everyone’s part to reach a happy ending – because no one likes a happy ending more than Sam the Tugboat – ‘Toot! Toot! Toot!’  Cheers!  Mark”

Amazon Author Page – Mark D. Jones:



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